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Supercharging Digital Engagement: Mastering Retail Media and Data Curation

As the digital advertising world braces for significant changes, retail media is rapidly gaining momentum, becoming a pivotal force in the industry. This surge is largely fueled by the robustness of first-party data, which remains unaffected by the ongoing policy shifts disrupting the digital landscape.

Contrary to some misconceptions, retail media isn't confined to just retailers. Its essence lies in the strategic use of first-party data across various platforms, transcending industry boundaries. This approach is not just a trend but a harbinger of a broader movement towards curated advertising strategies.

At Mavern Media, we recognize the power of curation in advertising. Brands from diverse sectors, including finance, travel, entertainment, and health & beauty, can harness their first-party data, or tap into external curated advertising solutions, to drive revenue and reach their audience more effectively. This strategy is not only beneficial today but will remain resilient in the post-third-party cookie era.

The Art of Curation in Advertising

Curation in advertising is about strategically pairing data with inventory to optimize results. Traditional programmatic media buying often takes a broad approach, targeting audiences across the web. In contrast, curation involves selecting premium data and media, combining them effectively, and making them available for activation early in the digital supply chain.

This method simplifies the often-complex digital supply process, which typically involves multiple intermediaries, from DMPs to DSPs, SSPs, and publishers. By curating ad inventory and audience data on the supply side, many of these layers are streamlined, enhancing transparency and efficiency.

Elevating Curation Practices

Advanced curation involves two key elements: leveraging technology for packaging data and marketing one's own data through orchestrated curation deals. Brands that effectively manage their customer relationships and insights can significantly improve their programmatic campaigns. Furthermore, sophisticated brands can create their own marketplaces, leveraging insights and data to drive their KPIs.

Navigating the Future with Curation

As reliance on cookies diminishes, the addressability of open exchange programmatic inventory is set to decrease. Curation offers a viable solution, with the industry showing interest in scaled multi-publisher private marketplaces that combine diverse data sets with supply partners. These solutions can deliver curated media without relying on cookies, meeting a critical need in the current and future advertising landscape.

Brands and publishers with strong first-party data assets, similar to retailers, are well-positioned for the future. By curating these assets with premium media, they become even more attractive to ad buyers. As brands and publishers become more adept at integrating their first-party data with other data options, they continue to add value to their segments, benefiting brands, publishers, and consumers alike.

At Mavern Media, we are poised to help brands and publishers navigate this shift towards curation and retail media. Our expertise in leveraging first-party data and curated advertising solutions positions us as a valuable partner in adapting to these industry changes, ensuring our clients stay ahead in this pivotal era of digital advertising.

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